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Tortoise Basic Starter Set

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Product Description
Basic Tortoise Starter Set

Everything you need to keep your Tortoise!

Basic set comprises of:

1 x 30" x 18" x 15" Beech effect vivarium with 10 x Air Vents and sliding glass doors.
1 x Basking spot light with fittings.
1 x 17" x 11" Heat Mat
1 x Starter Control Unit
1 x 24" 10% UVB Lamp
1 x Hemp Bedding
1 x Hide
1 x Water Bowl
1 x Dry Food

Please note! Although vivarium will arrive made up, heaters, lights and lamps will still need fitting. Instruction leaflet is included.

IMPORTANT! This is set is designed as a starter set and is to hold juvenile Tortoise only. Full adult tortoise will require the De-Luxe Starter set.

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