We are constantly striving to improve our levels of service at Angelfish Aquatics. We therefore depend on feed back from our customers, good or bad! Please feel free to let us know how we are doing, whether by phone or by email. 

We may not be as big as some of our competitors by we do think that we can offer all our customers a very high level of personal service.

Please find below feed back received from our customers...

8th July 2012

"'My OASE Aquamax filter UV housing broke and I was struggling to get a replacement. I saw Angelfish Aquatics on the internet was extremely surprised to see a  genuine OASE unit at a much cheaper price than competitors. In order to ensure compatibility prior to ordering, I contacted Angelfish Aquatics and spoke to Keith. He spent a good deal of time checking that the item was correct for my needs and physically checked that it was in fact in stock (an issue that has occurred with previous suppliers where I have had to wait for weeks). Upon next day arrival (as promised) I had a problem with the unit in that the UV lamp would not illuminate. I contacted Keith who immediately went through the trouble shooting process, that quickly solved my issue (a safety feature in the unit that I wasn't aware of). Keith explained that if I wasn't satisfied then he would send a replacement immediately and the original would be collected free of charge. The unit works great and I am a very, very happy customer. If anyone is in doubt about lack of quality, service and value these days, then use this company. I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with both Keith and Angelfish Aquatics."

Bob COGGIN, South Yorkshire

12th August 2014

I placed an order with you for a yellow bellied turtle over the weekend and have just received delivery of the little guy and I just wanted to say how pleased i am with the quality of service from yourselves. I ordered from your website which was incredibly quick and easy, and thought the information given on each species etc was great. I was also very impressed with the prices of your live stock and also delivery, especially considering how well packaged this tiny turtle was. Overall I am a very happy customer and will definitely be directing other people to your website, and no doubt will be buying from you again myself in the future.

Zoe Dark


12th June 2015

Very rarely would I do this, but I just wanted to take the time to write you an email and express how incredibly impressed and grateful I am with the service I have received over the phone with your company the last two days.
My partner called yesterday for some information and I made a phone call again this morning to track an order, and each of us both said separately that neither of us have received such brilliant customer service in a very long time!
The gentleman that we spoke to was so incredibly friendly and helpful, and I finished the phone call completely satisfied that I was given all the information I needed. 
You guys should be very proud of your team and thank you so much for all your help! We are going to have an extremely happy 3 year old when she gets home to see her turtles 

Chelsey Cogswell


24th February 2016

"I very recently purchased two fire belly newts from you guys and I thought I'd leave some extremely positive and well deserved feedback! After looking around where to buy newts I discovered Angel fish aquatics, which I'd never heard of before so I thought that I would give them and ring and find out whether they had any fire belly newts. After a friendly chat with someone on the phone about the delivery estimates and what newts they had to offer, I went straight to the checkout and bought one! I was very impressed with the kind and friendly attitude I was greeted with on the phone and by email, you definitely don't get that from most company's. After purchasing my newt I was surprised to see it come next day and before 12pm, which was great because I still had time to go out that day, major credit to excellently picked courier. My female newt came in a well packed and well protected box which had the appropriate labeling and what not, the newt even came in a secure plastic container which contained some beautiful moss which I put straight in my tank! That very same day I purchased another newt and emailed over to ask for a male, the fast response time was incredible and that newt also came with some lovely aquatic plants. Overall I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and these guys deserve more credit than I can give, the only appropriate thing I can think of to pay you guys back is to carry on purchasing from your website, which I will be doing again very soon!! Thanks again to this brilliant company for supplying me with me two new newts :)"

A huge thanks,

Jacob Davies


11th May 2016

The fish arrived on time and were really well packaged, in fact, they were so well marked as fish and care needed that my delivery chap hoped that they were ok and they were very well, thank you. 

Six little Sarasa Comets are now happily swimming around in there new home. Many thanks for your very good value, healthy little fish.


Debra Poole


19th October 2022

Am delighted to say our pink axolotl has arrived and I have 1 excited 12 year old girl! From start to finish it could not have been easier after searching for so long for a pink axolotl we found these guys and the reviews looked fantastic so we thought we would order one! This little guy arrived by courier today to south west Scotland and is now settled in the tank and is absolutely adorable 😍 thank you so much for providing a first class reliable trusting service one happy mum and one happy girl! Many thanks 😊 

Kelly Henry

11th January 2023

Our Axolotls arrived perfectly packaged, happy and healthy! Over the moon with our two new babies and thank you so much for matching them in size. Amazing service and would highly recommend angel fish aquatics!


9th March 2023

The Green Axolotl arrived in good health this afternoon.  He's settling in fine and chomped on some earthworms and live river shrimps, as he was famished upon arriving!

Thank you bringing a smile to my daughters face as she searched day and night for a green Axolotl but had no luck?  Was just pure coincidence I found your web page hence immediately bought the green axolotl.  Daughter named it 'Neptune' (God of Sea).

My heartfelt thanks.

Majid Ali (Bradford)

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