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PF1 Internal Filter

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Product Description

The Interpet PF Filtration range represents the most versatile, comprehensive and easy to use range of filters available.

  • Cleaner healthier aquariums - Triple action Filtration
  • Powerful aeration - rocker switch controlled powerful venturi
  • Fully Adjustable - easy flow rate and direction adjustment
  • Better maintenance - Easy clean filter cartridge
  • Rotating head for directional control
  • Patented Aqua Valve

Unique non return valve prevents waste being dumped back into the aquarium when the filter is removed.

Water passes through filter foam before reaching carbon foam which removes toxins, discolouration, odour, metals and pesticides.

Always replace carbon every 3-6 weeks on the side of the carrier with carbon stamped on.

Max flow 380 lph (83 gph) Power 7w Aquarium size 45-68 litres (8-15 gallons) Note - For marine aquariums, large messy fish like goldfish and cichlids, or higher filtering capacity, select the next model up from that recommended above.

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