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Opaline Gourami (Pack of 2)

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Product Description

Common Name: Opaline Gourami, Three spot gourami, Blue Gourami


Latin: Trichogaster trichopterus


Pack Quantity: 2


Size of Fish for Sale: 6-7cm


Maximum Size Species Grows To: 15cm


Temperature Range: 23-28 Degrees Celsius


Origin: Southeast Asia

Feeding: Opaline Gouramis are omnivores so it’s important to provide a varied diet with live food, frozen food and Tropical flake food.

Behaviour: Peaceful and can live with small community fish, Can be intimidated by larger fish and can also be aggressive towards other males or the same or similar species

Comments: Opaline gouramis are a great fish for beginners as they are hardy and not fussy when it comes to feeding

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