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OASE Plant Tweezers

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Product Description

The Oase Aquarium Plant Tweezers are the ideal tool for easy maintenance in your aquarium. These are quality branded Oase tools. You can tell by the weight and feel that these are not going to just break after only light usage. 

Use these premium tools to extract debris, and to introduce or reposition plants or other items within your aquarium. As well as plants these are great for working with aquarium décor, repositioning cabling (under gravel for instance), or any number of other tasks. Pair these with the OASE Plant Scissors you have everything you need to keep your tank looking top notch.

Made from stainless steel so they won't rust, and coloured in an attractive looking matte black finish (meaning no reflections to dazzle or startle your fish) - the angled head and 27cm length mean you can manoeuvre these tweezers to get where you need to without having to remove your plants or other items.

  • Genuine Oase branded premium aquarium accessory 
  • Matte black stainless steel - won’t rust and anti-reflective
  • 27cm length and angled head for maximum accessibility

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