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OASE OptiMax 300 Water Pump

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Product Description
The flow control is located at the front for easy access, and the base has 2 suction cups so the pump can be easily secured to a surface. These pumps are only suited for underwater use. - The 800 - 5000 range of pumps are slightly larger and are just as reliable. The flow control is positioned at the base on the 800 and 1000 models, but on the top of the 2000 - 5000 models. This makes it easy an convenient to use. - Each pump has 4 suction feet at the base to make them easy to secure and these larger pumps can be used underwater as well as dry mounted. This can be easily achieved by removing the front casing of the pump and attaching the correct sized hosetail to the threaded section. (adaptors provided for 800 and 1000 pumps) - All OptiMax pumps are suitable for Fresh and Salt water aquariums.
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