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OASE HeatUp 250 Watt Aquarium Heater

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Product Description

Oase Heat Up - Adjustable Heater Aquarium heaters ensure uniform water temperature so that the inhabitants of the aquarium always feel good and enjoy optimum health. The patented control system of the new Heat Up enables precise readjustment of the temperature ( +/-3º C ), and the heating function is displayed via the activated control light. The heater operates at a uniform temperature thanks to patented bi-metal technology. The heater is perfect for submerged use and easy to install with a holder. High-quality workmanship for continuous use Specifications: Dimensions - 23 x 370mm Rated Voltage - 230v / 50Hz Power Consumption - 250w Power Cable Length - 1.5m Net Weight - 0.25kg Suitable for freshwater & saltwater

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