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OASE BioPlus Thermo 50

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BioPlus Thermo – Internal Corner Filter with HeatUp. The BioPlus filters are practical internal filters for aquariums from 50 to 300 litres in size. The compact filter unit can be easily removed for cleaning while leaving the pump unit in place. The filter foam can then be replaced modularly, ideal for time-delayed cleaning that is gentle on bacteria. The integrated diffuser nozzles provide uniform surface movement, oxygen enrichment and helps to prevent the formation of biofilm. The filter comes with the HeatUp adjustable heater to ensure a uniform temperature for the inhabitants of your aquarium. The quiet operation & energy saving pump make this an economical unit to operate. The filter comes with a suction holder to enable easy fastening to the corner of the aquarium. Specifications: Suitable for aquariums to max. - 50l Dimensions ( L x W x H ) - 120 x 110 x 210mm Rated Voltage - 230v / 50Hz Power Consumption - 5w Power Consumption Heater.

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