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OASE BioMaster 250 External Filter

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BioMaster 250 - External Filter

This new external filter from Oase offers crystal clear water through a combination of mechanical and highly-effective biological filtration, this is achieved through fine 45 ppi pre-filter foam for optimal mechanical filtration of the coarse debris, which ensures a longer service life of the biological media. 

With an EasyClean pre-filter module, the filters can simply be removed, rinsed out and reinserted. The automatic shut-off and safety locking mechanism prevents water from escaping when removing the pre-filter module.

The water is well regulated through the flow control on the filter, or with an adapter set. 

This practical unit has a vent button for effective water intake, this provides a fast and easy start up when installing and after cleaning. 

Complete set for a quick start: Including filter media, hoses, adapter, intake and outflow tube, as well as water diffuser.


  • Suitable for aquariums to max - 250l
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H ) - 240 x 240 x 370mm
  • Rated Voltage - 230v / 50Hz 
  • Power Consumption - 14w 
  • Power Cable Length - 1.5m 
  • Net Weight - 4.1kg
  • Max flow rate - 800 l/h
  • Max head height - 1.25m 
  • Connection for hose length - 1 x 4m
  • Connection for hose diameters - 17mm
  • Filter Volume - 4.4l
  • Pre -filter volume - 0.4l
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater fish

 * This unit does not come with a heater - please see BioMaster Thermo 

* HeatUp can be retrofitted.

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