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Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 14000 + Aquaforce Kit

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Product Description

A pressurised pond filter that makes maintenance of your pond quick and easy, you will not need to get your hands wet or dirty. All you will need to do is switch the button and wind the handle.

Complete with an Aquaforce solids handling pump, this kit makes it easy for you as the pump is optimally matched to the filter unit. All you will need is piping and clips!

Pre-assembled for quick installation with a new pond or a current filtration system. You can hide the unit at the side of your pond, or bury it up to the level of the inlets. The pressurised filter allows for water to be pumped to a higher point than itself.

Using both biological and mechanical filtration, the biological filtration consists of Kaldnes K3 media whic accomodates beneficial bacteria and the mechanical filtration works using foam cubes which gives increased surface area.

To use the unique winding handle, all you will need to do is use the diverter valve to send the water to surrounding areas in the garden, when you use the handle it will activate paddles inside the chamber which agitates the foam cubes loosening sludge sending it out of your filter.

Product Spec:

  • For ponds up to 28000 litres / 6160 gallons.
  • Or 14000 litres / 3111 gallons with fish.
  • Aquaforce 8000 Pond Pump
  • 36 Watt UVC Lamp.
  • 25-40mm Inlet and Outlets.
  • Recommended Pump Size of 8000 LPH / 1777 GPH.
  • Unique winding handle.
  • Diversion valve.
  • K3 media & foam cubes.

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