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Hong Kong Plec (Pack of 2)

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Common Name: Hong Kong Plec, Hillstream Loach, Chinese Plec, Butterfly Plec, Borneo Sucker, Cold water Plec




Size of Fish for Sale:4-6cm


Maximum Size Species Grows To: 7cm


Temperature Range: 20-24 Degrees Celsius


Origin: Hong Kong Plecs can be found in fast-flowing highland and inland streams in China.


Feeding: Eats algal growth that accumulates in an established tank but must be supplemented with algae wafers and prepared food such as cucumber to obtain adequate roughage


Behaviour: Peaceful although can be territorial over good feeding spots of algae or potential breeding areas


Comments: Hong Kong Plecs are a great addition to a well established tank that has good levels of algae and would fit into the intermediate category for ease of care.


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