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Fluval Edge Aquarium 23 Litre Gloss Black with LED

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Product Description

The Fluval Edge Aquarium is a very striking 23 litre aquarium, big enough to have an impact but small enough to fit almost anywhere. The Fluval Edge is simple to install and is ideal for the beginner or more experienced fish keeper. - The Fluval Edge is unusual in having glass on all six sides, including the top, and provides spectacular new way of looking at fish from above. It features halogen lighting built into the hinged hood which giving a shimmering effect, as well as a 3 stage filter built into the rear that ensures crystal clear healthy water for fish and plants. - The Fluval Edge range of aquariums are supplied ready-to-use, with the lighting, & filtration included. - Colour: black top and base trim. - Volume: approximately 23 litres. - Lighting system: LED.Filter system: custom integrated filter. - Aquarium Size: 43cm long x 26cm wide x 22cm high, approximate external measurements excluding base & hood. - Suitable for: 1 to 2 small coldwater fish, no heater included but can be added. - All our aquariums are supplied with FREE essential water treatments. 

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