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DragonTail Male Betta Fish

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Please note, colour of betta fish used in image is for illustatrive reference only. If you require a specifc colour, please call or email before ordering... otherwise you will be sent radom colour.

Common Name: Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta Fish, Japanese Fighting Fish 

Latin: Betta splendens

Pack Quantity: SINGLE

Size of Species For Sale: 5-6cm

Maximum Size Species Grows To: 6-7cm

Temperature Range: 22-26 Degrees Celcius

Origin: ChinaVietnam, Maylasia, Thailand

Feeding: Flake or small granula food

Behaviour: Although Betta Fish can sometimes be kept in tropical community tanks, you will get the best out of these stunning fish when they are kept alone (or with three or more females) in a small tank.

Comments: Betta fish are very hardy  and are highly recommended for new beginners and small tank set ups.



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