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Blue Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Fish)

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Common Name: Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta Fish, Japanese Fighting Fish


Latin: Betta splendens


Pack Quantity: 1


Size of Fish for Sale: 4-6cm


Maximum Size Species Grows To:  7-8cms


Temperature Range:   24-30 Degrees Celsius


Origin: The shallow waters of Thailand (formerly called Siam), Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and parts of China. These areas contain rice paddies, ponds, slow moving streams and swamps, all of which Siamese Fighting Fish Inhabit.

Feeding: Live foods preferred, will eat flakes and frozen foods


Behaviour: Aggressive towards other Males of the same species and should never be kept together! Siamese Fighters can be kept with peaceful slow moving fish of a similar size, Male Siamese Fighters are fin nippers and should not be kept with fish that have long and or elaborate finnage such as guppies and consequently Siamese fighters should not be kept with fish that will nip fins such as Tiger Barbs.


Comments: Siamese Fighting Fish are beautiful and delicate fish that are best kept on their own or with a few similarly sized peaceful fish.

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