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Blagdon Minipond UV Clarifier 4500 for Green Water

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Fed up of green looking pond water? The Blagdon MiniPond UV pond clarifier uses Ultra Violet Light to clear pond water. Green water in ponds caused by algae can leave your pond looking unsightly and unhealthy for fish and plants. With the UV clarifier the water is run over a UV light to break down the green and leave your water clearer and healthier for fish. This is great option for people who do not like the idea of introducing chemicals and bacteria into their pond to do the job. The Minipond UV Clarifier is simple to set up and full instructions are included. Once up and running the UV clarifier is an effective long term solution against green pond water. Size: Minipond UV Clarifier MPU 4500 (ponds up to 4,500ltr) 5W bulb

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