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Blagdon Inpond All In One 3000

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Product Description
The Blagdon Inpond is a complete in-pond solution which includes pump, filter, UV clarifier and LED spotlight. The InPond all-in-one runs a fountain or waterfall and led spotlight.

Its easy and convenient to install with simple instructions.

Designed for a  small pond of up to 3000 litres, this pump/filter will run a fountain/feature, filter and waterfall. The all-in-one 3000 will run a pond in full sunlight of 2250 litres.

Recommended hose size - 3/4 inch (19mm)

Stunning LED night illumination, the LED automatic sensor detects when light levels are low or high. The light then automatically illuminates or turns off depending on the time of day.

Low voltage Pump/Filter includes, 3 attractive fountain features, mechanical and biological filter, polymer wool cartridge and UV clarifier.Includes automatic night time pivoting feature LED spot light


Pump 12 volt, 26.5 watts, 1500ltr/hr (330gal/hr) max flow, 1.3m (4'2") max pumping height, 11.5 metre cable.

UV 230 volt, 50 Hz, 9 watt UV lamp, 10 metre cable

Accessories supplied:

  • Daisy Super (fountain feature)

  • Single Daisy (fountain feature)

  • Waterbell (water feature)

  • Flow Adjuster

  • LED Spotlight

  • Low Voltage Pump

  • Water Filter

  • Green Water UV Clarifier

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