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Blagdon Inpond All In One 2000

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Product Description

The Blagdon All In One is a complete pond system including a pump, filter, UV and pivoting LED spotlight. 

The system is easy to install creating a clear and healthy pond. Included in the package are an LED spotlight, 3 fountain display options, a low voltage pump, filter and a green water 5w UV clarifier.

The LED gives stunning night time illumination which is photo sensitive with no switches, - it automatically comes on at night!

The filter part of the system contains 2 layers of foam and a fine filter pad with ceramic bio media and there is a locking handle to assist in easy maintenance.

The maximum pond size for the Blagdon Inpond All In One is 2000L and recommended hose size is 0.5in (12.7mm). This pump is low voltage being just 12v

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