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Assorted Male Guppies (Pack of 4)

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Product Description
​​​​​Common Name: Assorted Male Guppy

Latin: Poecilia reticulata

Pack Quantity: FOUR (Please note pack will consist of 4 mixed colour/ types of guppy)

Size of Species For Sale: 3- 4cm

Maximum Size Species Grows To: 4-5 cm

Temperature Range: 18-24 Degrees Celcius

Origin: South America 

Feeding: Flake Food

Behaviour: Community Fish. These busy little fish mix perfectly well with any other small community fish. Best kept in groups of five our more. Mid to surface tank dwellers.

Comments: Guppies can take lower temperatures but should be kept with a heater to maintain a steady temperature and avoid sudden drops, Guppies are very hardy fish and are highly recommended for new beginners and new tank set ups.

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