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Assassin Snails (Pack of 3)

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Product Description
Common Name: Assassin Snail, Bumblebee Snail

Latin: Anentome helena

Pack Quantity: THREE

Size of Species For Sale: 1-2cm

Maximum Size Species Grows To: 3-5cm

Temperature Range: 18-25 Degrees Celsius

Origin: Southeast Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia

Feeding: Mainly eats other species of snail but are opportunistic and will feed on aquarium foods such as Blood worm, Brine shrimp, High protein sinking pellets/ wafers, Flake

Behaviour: Assassin Snails are completely plant safe and can be relied upon to remove unwanted pest snails in planted aquaria, If there are no other snails for them to prey on then care should be taken to ensure they are fed. Assassin Snails have been known to feed on fish eggs so it would be best not to put them into a breeding tank unless the fish are live bearers 

Comments: Assassin Snails are great for getting rid of unwanted pest snails safely and naturally, They make a bright and interesting addition to the aquarium.

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