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Alligator Snapping Turtle (Collection Only)

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Product Description

We are only able to send Turtles & Terrapins for delivery on Wednesdays, in order to get a Wednesday delivery, orders must be placed by 2pm Monday any orders that come in after 2pm Mondays will be sent the following week.  

Please ensure that you select the Live Turtle/ Fish Carriage Delivery option at £9.95. Any orders made with either the next day or 2-5 day service will be rejected. 

 All our baby turtles and terrapins are captive bred.

We do NOT recommend keeping Turtles or Terrapins with fish.

*These are Turtles are NOT suitable Turtles for Beginners!*

What is a Alligator Snapping Turtle?

Alligaotor Snapping Turtles (Macrochelys temminckii) are a Large species of freshwater turtle that typically live in deep slow moving water. The Alliagator Snapper will grow very large and need a large tank or purpose built heated pond of at least 1000L for adults. Snappers will also want to bask so it is important to have a heated basking area and a UVB Bulb present as well Unlike most other Turtles Snappers are very aggressive and highly territorial meaning that they must be kept on their own at all times as they would likely kill other tank mates.

How do I keep a Alligator Snapping Turtle?

An ideal set up to keep Baby Alligator Snapping Turtles would be a glass aquarium with a filter (to keep water clean), a heater (to keep water at a constant 25 degrees), and UV light (to encourage correct shell growth). They also need a landed area where the can get out of the water such as Turtle Dock with a basking light above it. It is important to remember that it takes three to five years for a hatchling Snapping Turtle to grow to full size and therefore you must be ready to accommodate their tank when they are fully grwn.

What do I feed my Alligator Snapping  Turtle?

Alligator Snapping Turtles are Omnivorous and in the wild would eat such things as fish waterfowl, frogs, snakes turtles, as well as water plants, wild apples, and acorns.. For you pet Turtle however, there are various complete dried and frozen foods that contain all of the animals dietary requirements as well as giving them any cooked lean meat, preferably meats similar to their wild diets. Chicken, turkey, fish are all excellent staples. Good supplements include earthworms, pinkies or adult mice.

How big and what sex will my Baby Alligator Snapping Turtle be?

The baby Alligator Snapping Turtles we sell are approximately 1-2 inches long (Shell length front to back). Due to their small size and juvenile status we are unable to sex these turtles.

*** Please contact us and ask us for more information if you are unsure whether or not Common Snapping Turtles are suitable for you***

Shipping Details and Livestock Terms and Conditions

Although Turtles and Terrapins are hardy little creatures, we still try to keep the stress caused by transporting them to a minimum. As consequence we do not accept returns on them so please make sure you definitely want them before ordering. In the unlikely event of your Turtle or Terrapin arriving dead we will arrange for another one to dispatched as soon as poosible. Please note, we need to be notified within 24 hours of receiving the animal and we arrange for our courier to collect the dead Turtle/ Terrapin when they deliver the replacement. Due to the inherent risk of moving livestock we will one offer a free of charge replacement once. Buying purchasing livestock from us, you are thereby agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Please note, on orders over £50 there is no carriage to be paid.


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