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African Dwarf Frogs (Pack of 3)

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Common Name: African Dwarf Frog, Congo Frogs, Dwarf Frog, Marble Frog

Latin: Hymenochirus boettgeri

Pack Quantity: 3


Size of Fish for Sale: 3-4cm


Maximum Size Species Grows To:  5-6cms


Temperature Range:  22-30 Degrees Celsius


Origin: Inhabits forested equatorial Africa from Nigeria and Cameroon south through Gabon and east throughout the Congo River Basin.

Feeding: Live Earth Worms: Red Wrigglers, European Night Crawlers, African Night Crawlers, Live Crickets (less than 1/4" long), Live or Frozen/Thawed Bloodworms, Live or Frozen/Thawed Brine Shrimp, White Worms, Live Black Worms, Frozen/Thawed Glassworms, Small Waxworms.


Behaviour: Peaceful prefer to be in groups as they are social animals, They will eat fish small enough to fit in their mouths, Should be kept with larger peaceful community fish

Comments: African Dwarf Frogs make great little additions to community fish tanks, They have great little personalities and exhibit quite comical behaviours

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