Delux Terrapin/ Turtle Starter Kit

RRP: £207.68
Our Price: £184.99
Product Description
 This delux starter set includes everything you need to keep Adult Musk Turtles and Small to Medium Terrapins.

Package includes:

  • Interpet Fishod CF 64 Aquarium with Blue Nightime Light
  • Submersible heater 
  • Interpet CF2 Internal filter with carbon
  • Arcadia D3 UV Reptile Lamp Compact Light
  • Zoo Med Medium Turtle Dock
  • King British Terrapin & Turtle food 80g
  • 4kg natural pea gravel
  • Tap Safe and Filter Start water conditioners 

Approximate tank dimensions 600mm (left to right) x 350mm (front to back) and 500mm High

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